OutfittersForSale.com December 10, 2019
Outfitter For Sale FAQ's


Question: How can I contact an outfitter about there listing?

Answer: Each detail listing has a contact tab that provides all the contact information for the outfitter or real estate agent posting the listing. They may not have listed a contact phone number but the contact form on the page sends the email directly to them.

Outfitter For Sale Visitors

Question: Can I save a list of favorite outfitters so it is easy for me to find them?

Answer: Yes, when you are logged in you will see a "Add to Favorites" link on each listings detail view. If the listing is already in your favorites list you will see a link "Remove from Favorites". You will also have a new page called "My Favorites" in the main menu where your list of favorites will be displayed..

Outfitter For Sale Sellers

Question: How do I add my listing and pictures?

Answer: There are a couple of steps to add listings and photos:

  1. On the Outfitter Listings page you should see a link at the top right of the Outfitters For Sale section that says “Add New Outfitter”. Click that link and it will take you to an add/edit page where you can fill out information about your listing.
  2. After you have filled out the information at the very bottom of that page there is a link “Update & edit Photos” You can manage photos using that link.

NOTE: The first photo in the list is what will be used to display on ALL summary listings on OutfittersForSale.com

Question: When I enter my selling price I get an error telling me the price must be a currency?

Answer: You should enter your selling price as a whole number with no commas or decimals. For example if your selling price is $150,000 you would enter 150000. The price will be automatically formatted whenever it is displayed.

Question: I want to make changes to my listing but I can't figure out how to do that.?

Answer: There are a couple of steps you need to follow in order to do this:

  1. To update your listing first you will need to login.
  2. Go to the Outfitters Listings page.
  3. Use the search form to locate your listing. Using city and state should narrow it down enough for you to easily find your listing.
  4. You should now see a “pencil’ link on your listing so you can edit it.

NOTE: The first photo in the list is what will be used to display on ALL summary listings on OutfittersForSale.com